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Playing FIFA for free is something that, for now, is impossible to do. However, EA Sports has surprised all of us by releasing FIFA Online.

FIFA Online is a different FIFA, only for PC gamers, where everything is thought and developed with interaction with other players in mind.

As a soccer simulator, FIFA Online has got most of FIFA 10's features. Graphics and movements are excellent and give it an epic realism.

They have changed the way to play. Now we will use the mouse as main controller: pass, move, slide, shoot,... you'll do everything using the mouse. At first it seems hard, but when you get used to it, you realise it's an spectacular way to play soccer on the PC.

The game offers three game modes: league, versus and World Cup.Your goal is to lead your team to the glory, win all matches and evolve your team.

Choose your favorite team - it includes a large list of real teams- and lead it to glory.

Without any doubt, FIFA Online will be one of those game that become a classic. Get into the game. Play as Messi, Ronaldo or Villa. Don't hesitate and play FIFA for free thanks to FIFA Online.
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